Ultimate Self Realization

Questioner : What is the ultimate goal?

Dadashri : The ultimate goal is to attain permanent happiness and freedom from all bondage.

Questioner : What is permanent happiness? Can you describe it?

Dadshri : You do not need to make any effort for permanent happiness.It is spontaneous and permanent. Dadashri, the current Gnani Purush, emphasizes that, ‘After meeting me if you do not experience liberation, then I am not a real Gnani and the liberation I give is not real either. Liberation must be experienced right here.

It is possible to attain Self-Realization through Akram vignan (short cut path to Self Realization) within 2 hours. Through it, one experiences the first stage of liberation which means freedom from ignorance of the Self while living this life. One remains unaffected by any problems, miseries, or unhappiness. One also remains in equanimity in worldly happiness. The second stage of liberation is permanent liberation.

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