Path To Self Realization

There are two paths of Self realization.One is the common and the traditional path, called the Kramik path. The Kramic path is a step-by-step path where there is a gradual spiritual evolution. It is a very arduous and a grueling path. 

The other path is the Akram path. It is an elevator (direct) path to Self-realization where you can continue with all your daily worldly activities, fulfill all your worldly responsibilities towards your wife and children, and still achieve liberation!  This is an exceptional path and one which comes around once every million years. In Akram path we can get the direct experience of the Self, the pure Soul.

This Akram path of Self-realization is a shortcut path which is practical as well. Unlike the traditional paths to Self-realization, there is no need for you to practice any rituals and austerities.  This is ‘Akram Vignan’—a direct scientific path of Self-realization.

The main path to liberation is the Kramic path .The Kramic path takes one very slowly towards liberation, one step at a time. In this path one has to purify one’s ego through renunciation and penance. Kramic is full of both internal and external suffering until the very end. It is like purifying gold; you cannot do it without the heat of the fire (suffering). Once the ego is pure, it is at the threshold of liberation. The ego has to be purified from the weaknesses of anger, pride, illusion, lust and greed. The Kramic path is a very difficult path.

Sometimes when confusion prevails in the traditional Kramic path, and if people are ready for liberation, they will find salvation through a Gnani Purush.

The Kramic path is only viable when a person’s thoughts, speech and action are in unison with each other. This means that you say exactly that which is in your mind, and your actions are in agreement with your mind and speech. If one has unity in one’s thoughts, speech and actions, then one can progress in the Kramic path, otherwise the Kramic path is closed.

At the present time, there is no oneness of thought, speech and action. Therefore, the very foundation of the Kramic path is fractured. Consequently, the Akram path has manifest.

It will take up to three thousand years for the Kramic path to repair itself. Until then, the Akram path will exist. After the Kramic path is restored, the Akram path will no longer be required. This Akram Vignan will not last too long. It has appeared in place of the Kramic path.

This Akram path rarely manifests itself. In the Akram path, the Gnani Purush purifies your ego for you. He takes away both your ego and your attachment. Then you attain the experience of the pure Self. Only after you experience your Self, your work is done.  

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