Journey To Self Realization

To attain Self Realization, people practice meditation, practice yoga, read scriptures, or practice some kind of spiritual activities. However, all the scriptures unanimously proclaim, ‘If you desire to realize the real self, go to a Gnani Purush.

Before Self-Realization

Many human beings live their life for money, some for their livelihood, some for worldly success, some for becoming a head of a large corporation, some for raising a family, some for spiritual seeking. One aim or another is automatically bound and a lifetime finishes.

Dadashri says that in addition to fulfilling the goals of worldly and family success, knowing that these give temporary happiness, one may also make it a goal to find permanent happiness.

Permanent happiness is found in that which is also permanent, and eternal. By attaining Self-Realization, one finds their own true, eternal Self. You can attain Self-Realization by a Gnani Purush, master of Self-Realization. As only the lit candle can light another. A Gnani is a completely Self-Realized, liberated Soul and so He is capable to awaken countless others.

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After Self-Realization

After attaining Self-Realization through Gnan Vidhi, the five spiritual principles are explained in detail, which helps to protect, support and nurture the new seed of Self-knowledge. These 5 principles are a simple understanding that can be applied to daily life and allows one to remain in the awareness and bliss of the Self.

To deepen the understanding of this spiritual science of Akram Vignan, one is welcome to attend ongoing satsang programs, offered worldwide by Atma Gnani Pujyashri Deepakbhai. Additional support for deepening Self-Realization after Gnan Vidhi is available through Dadashri's books, VCDs, DVDs, websites, web-TV, and television programs.

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