Before Self Realization

There are different paths to achieve Self-realization, such as chanting, worshipping, or meditation. Then there is the path of knowledge. Akram Vignan is the path of Real knowledge.

There are two types of knowledge: relative knowledge and Real knowledge. Relative knowledge is worldly knowledge about the materialistic things in the world. These materialistic things are temporary by nature.

Real knowledge is that which one can not know with the five senses or the intellect, it is beyond the intellect.The knowledge everyone has is relative knowledge. You have knowledge of the temporary things.

But you don’t know about the permanent, eternal things. There are certain eternal elements in this universe. Of these, You yourself, your true Self, is one eternal element yet to be known.

The nature of the eternal Self itself is bliss. Therefore, to attain permanent happiness, the eternal must be realized first. Self Realization awakens one to their true eternal Self.

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