After Self Realization

Directly following the Gnan vidhi, the five agnas (guiding principles) are given with detailed explanation and examples. These 5 agnas are for your protection, so that you stay as the Self. And if you remain within these Agnas, you will attain liberation.

There are 2 stages of liberation. In the 1st stage of liberation, you are liberated from ignorance and no problems and miseries of the world affect you. You become free from any pain under any circumstances. The 2nd stage of liberation occurs when You leave this body and become free from the cycles of birth and death.

After Self realization, in addition to applying the 5 agnas in daily life, whenever atikraman occurs (hurting any living being through mind, speech, or body), pratikraman (process of apology and repentance) should be done internally to erase the karma done.

After attaining Gnan vidhi, anger, pride, greed, attachment, abhorrence and all good and bad intentions are all discharge karma, which must be dealt with equanimity. These karmas will dissipate only through pratikraman.

Questioner: What is the pratikraman?

Dadashri: For example, if you hurt William, then you remember the pure Soul within William. Then say, ‘Dear pure Soul, I have spoken in a harsh manner and that is a fault of mine. I am repenting for this mistake. I am asking for your forgiveness. I am resolving not to repeat this mistake. Please give me the strength not to repeat the mistake again’.

To mend the hurt caused in any relationship, you can do pratikraman. The relationships become ‘sticky’ due to attachment and abhorrence. Keep the focused awareness of the real pure Soul and then proceed to do pratikraman to clear everything.

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