What is Self Realization?

Self-Realization is a scientific process which reveals a new vision and understanding so that you have :

  • Freedom from worries and fear
  • Scientific solutions to inner and external conflicts
  • Smoother relationships
  • Inner peace
  • Equanimity amid any circumstances
  • Eternal happiness
  • Experience of your true eternal Self
  • Experience the depths of spirituality while fulfilling your worldly responsibilities

Have you stopped to wonder what the goal of human life might be? While each day contains unique quests for happiness, any happiness we do attain remains with us only temporarily. Then, after each phase of happiness passes, have you noticed that only an underlying dissatisfaction remains inside? This dissatisfaction prompts the next quest for happiness which again is, by nature, temporary. And so the cycle continues.. Aware of this, you may question whether permanent happiness even exists; and if it did, how could it be attained?

The answer is Yes, it does exist. Permanent happiness is, the goal of human life and is experienced continuously upon attaining Self-realization.

But what exactly is Self-realization? It is to know and experience directly who You really are! By discovering the real eternal nature of "Who am I", true permanent happiness is attained.

When asked "Who are YOU", most people will answer "I am William" But this name is only a title given to identify your body, just as store names such as Wal-mart and Tesco are given simply to specify the store's presence. In reality, "YOU" are the owner of your name and not the name itself. If this were not true, how could your name be changed countless times even while "YOU" remain the same inside?

Before Self-realization, it is natural to identify with your name and with the countless temporary qualities that are believed to be "YOU". But who YOU really are is beyond all of these temporary identifications, for "YOU" are eternal, and permanent happiness itself. Self-realization is to experience the nature of your very own Self, from that vantage point, to understand the non-self known as "William".

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