Attain Self Realization

Liberation is freedom from all suffering: mental, physical, and from external circumstances. The one that is bound and therefore suffers from bondage, is the one that seeks liberation. This one is the ego. This ego is released through liberation. The true, eternal Self (pure Soul, atma) itself is the state of liberation.

Ego is bound by ignorance. When ignorance is removed, the ego is liberated. When you attain the Real knowledge (Gnan) through Gnan vidhi (ceremony of Self-Realization) from the Gnani Purush, ignorance will be lifted and the ego will be liberated.

Akram Vignan is the quick elevator path to Self Realization, in which Self Realization can be attained in one hour versus the longer kramic path to Self Realization.

One only needs to understand this world as it is and after that one do not even have to memorize anything. Understand it just once. How has it come into existence? Who is God? Who is running this world? What all this is about. What is our Real form? Knowing the answers to all these, the puzzles will be solved forever.

Akram Vignan is the Science which draws an exact line of demarcation between that which is You and that which is not yours; the Real and the relative. It clearly defines their properties and characteristics.

As a result of this exact demarcation, the result is immediate and experiential. In the Kramic marg, this line of demarcation is not clearly defined, and therefore, it is very difficult to reach the goal. Once this distinction is made, the Real will never be relative and the relative will never become Real. Unless they are separated, they cannot stay within their own natures.

The worldly life means to go away from your Real nature. Liberation means to come to your Real nature. Self Realization awakens you to your real, eternal Self.

During Gnan Vidhi, the Gnani severs the ropes of ignorance that have kept you bound for infinite lives. You will then immediately realize that you are free. You should experience the awareness that your true Self is absolutely free.

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