Science Of Karma

Scientists conduct experiments to examine which causes can produce which effect. Concluding, that this cause, will give this effect.

Similarly, Gnani Purush Dadashri, an Absolute scientist, realized in regards to liberation that “If one understood the principles of karma, one would understand the principle of liberation.”

Pujya Dadashri has summed up the definition of karma in “without a cause, there is no effect”.

But what is the cause of karma? And can it be stopped? How does karma relate to or impede liberation?

Dadashri has understood and made available the science of karma.

So, you may still be wondering, what is the definition of karma?

Dadashri has said, when you are doing any work and you support that action with the belief ‘I am doing it’, that is karma. To support an action with the belief of doership, ‘I am the doer’ is called charging karma.

Once the charging is done, the discharge is inevitable and unavoidable. As far as discharge is concerned, the batteries of your mind, speech and body will discharge in exactly the same manner as they were charged.

Now how can the ‘karma’ be stopped? Karma has components of cause and effect. Until one finds one’s real Self in all this, until one gets Self-Realization, karmas are charged.

One can attain Self Realization, in Gnan vidhi ceremony. After Self Realization, one realizes the answer to 2 questions.

First, is “Who am I?” and second “Who is the doer? Or Who or What runs this world?”

When the question “Who am I?” and “Who is the doer” is resolved, you will no longer bind new karmas. After you achieve Self-Realization, you are no longer William.

In the world’s day-to-day interactions you are William, but in reality, You are not. In reality you are the Self, Pure Soul. ‘I did this’ is a term that is applicable only for daily interactions. The cycle of karma is broken once your sense of doer-ship dissolves. After Self-Realization, William is the doer, ‘You’ are not.

When you attain ultimate Self-Realization through the Gnan vidhi, you will stop binding new karmas and only the effects of the old karmas remain. New karmas are not created as long as one remains the Knower and Observer of the karma that is unfolding. And when all the effects have been completely experienced, when all karmas have discharged, you will attain final liberation.

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