Pujya Niruma

Pujya Dr. Niruben Amin, also lovingly called Pujya Niruma, was born December 2nd, 1944 in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India to one of the wealthiest families in the region. She was the only daughter after 5 sons, due to which her family showered her with lots of love and affection.

From young age, Niruma knew she wanted to be a doctor to serve mankind. Her main priority was to serve and the desire to earn money never arose in her. She set out to complete her goal and graduated with a medical degree in Gynecology from Aurangabad Medical College.

It was during her final year in medical college, that one of her elder brothers told her about Pujya Dadashri, who is a Gnani Purush (a Self realized soul), who can give people Self realization in 2 hours, upon which no worldly happiness, unhappiness, or suffering can touch you. This touched Pujya Niruma’s heart and she thought what could be greater than achieving freedom from worldly sufferings in 2 hours?’

She went to meet Pujya Dadashri for the first time at his house in Baroda on June 29, 1968. Upon seeing him, she felt as if she had known him for many lifetimes and was finally reunited. At the same time, the strong desire spontaneously arose in Pujya Niruma that it would be great if I could be in Pujya Dadashri’s devotional service until my last breath. With that she heartily surrendered herself at the feet of the Gnani.

A few days later on July 8th, 1968, Pujya Niruma attained Self realization from Pujya Dadashri while continuing her post-graduate studies. From that moment on, she had continuous experience of her Pure Soul. Even when her father passed away 6 months later, she did not experience any grief. On the contrary, she remained in the bliss of her true self, detached and free from suffering. Pujya Niruma realized that the knowledge she attained from Pujya Dadashri was truly phenomenal and was working within her and regardless of the external circumstances, she experienced the bliss of the Self from within.

Once Pujya Dadashri asked Pujya Niruma: “What is your goal? Is the goal to live with Dadashri or is there any other goal?” To which Pujya Niruma answered: “To live with Pujya Dadashri and work for the salvation of the world (jagat kalyan).”

Pujya Dadashri: “Is that so? For the salvation of the world! Who can impede the one who has made the unflinching commitment to the goal of salvation of the world? There is no power (Shakti) in the world which can obstruct and the celestial Gods of the entire universe are showering flowers on you.”

With her great merit karmas Pujya Niruma was able to stay in Pujya Dadashri’s devotional service (seva) for 20 years. She nursed him like a mother, cared for him like a daughter. She was present in his every seva. Pujya Niruma dedicated the next twenty years of her life, from 1968 to 1988, in Dadashri’s devotional service. She accompanied Pujya Dadashri wherever he went for satsang (interactive spiritual discourse). In her attendance to Pujya Dadashri, she became an exemplary model of seva (devotional service). Pujya Niruma had exceptional intuition whereby she would present whatever Pujya Dadashri needed even before he asked for it. In 1987, Pujya Dadashri told her, “You will have to be a mother to the whole world.”

Understanding the priceless speech of the Gnani, she immortalized Pujya Dadashri’s satsangs (spiritual discourses) by using a simple tape recorder to record all his speech during satsang. From these recorded collections, Pujya Niruma published the Gnani’s speech of pure Knowledge in various topic wise books and the collective 14 volumes of Aptavani. Without changing or adding anything of her own, she served the world the unaltered speech of Pujya Dadashri.

When a lady in the USA asked Pujya Dadashri ‘Dada, what is your relationship with Niruben?’ Dadashri replied, “Niruben is an MD doctor and is in my constant service, and lives with oneness (abhedta) with me; as two souls and one body in worldly interactions.” The level of oneness extended even to the point where Pujya Dadashri’s goal of world’s salvation and liberation also ignited inside Pujya Niruma’s heart. Her only goal was to fulfill Pujya Dadashri’s profound desire that the world attain liberation through the simple path of Akram Vignan.

Pujya Dadashri clearly understood Pujya Niruma’s unflinching desire for the salvation of the world and therefore he prepared her for the same, by molding her and chiseling away weaknesses and imperfections. In the beginning of this molding and preparation, Pujya Dadashri made Pujya Niruma adhere to the goal of jagat kalyan—salvation of the world. He then made her free from all traces and elements (parmanoos) of sexuality and thereafter guided her in freeing herself from the inner subtle tendencies of pride and ego (maan).

Pujya Dadashri then showed Pujya Niruma the way to end all elements of deceit (kapat) and illusion (moha) within her. Pujya Dadashri uses the term ‘heat treatment’ for his methods employed on her to get rid of all passions and negativities in her. Moreover, the amazing uniqueness of this interaction is that Pujya Niruma remained in total surrender and sincere to Gnani Purush Dadashri throughout and at no time did she shirk away from this ‘treatment’. Thus, Pujya Dadashri got the full scope for successful accomplishment of the molding to the completion of a product that is defined as a “Gnani”. In this, she received tremendous rajipo—(sense of a task accomplished with ultimate satisfaction) of the Gnani, became a vessel of infinite grace of the Gnani, received his compassion (karuna) and became one (abhed) with the Gnani.

He molded her in various ways through chiseling jabs of all types necessary, which Pujya Niruma received, accepted and yielded to with grace, total surrender, ultimate humility and oneness (abhedata) with the Gnani. Her devotion towards Pujya Dadashri remained matchless and unaffected by all the varieties of chiseling and molding that Pujya Dadashri employed on her. He then presented her as a finished product at the feet of the world for the magnanimous task of salvation of the world.

In Pujya Dadashri’s final days, he graced Pujya Niruma with special spiritual powers (siddhis) to impart the knowledge of Self-realization (Gnan vidhi) to others. He told her, “I am very pleased with you Niruben. Whenever Niruben wants, Dadashri will speak from within. This Niruben is a great source for the world’s salvation.”

With Pujya Dadashri’s blessings she traveled tirelessly across villages and cities in India, and also traveled abroad giving satsangs and Gnan vidhi. She graced thousands of people with this spiritual science, and made them experience bliss of self and guided them on the path of liberation. Pujya Niruma’s only goal was to fulfill her promise to Pujya Dadashri to whom she completely devoted her mind, speech, and body to become the medium for the world’s salvation. 

Pujya Dadashri always adhered to the principle of purity; he always met his personal expenses from his own money. Pujya Niruma also adopted and abided by the same principle. Her exclusive focus was to give Knowledge of the Self to spiritual seekers.

Pujya Niruma departed from her mortal body on March 19, 2006, in a state of absolute samadhi (a blissful death resulting from being in the state of the Soul and complete detachment from the body). However, her subtle spiritual presence continues to give people inner strength to progress in their path towards liberation.

In her final days Pujya Niruma said “This mission of the salvation of humankind is not my mission. This is Pujya Dadashri's and Shri Simandhar Swami's mission and it must continue.”

Currently, with the special blessings and spiritual powers of Pujya Dadashri and Pujya Niruma, Pujya Niruma’s spiritual colleague. Pujya Deepakbhai is leading the mission of liberation through Akram Vignan.

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