Self Realization Meditation

Throughout the ages, seekers have pursued Self-Realization through countless spiritual and religious practices, including meditation and yoga. While these practices deliver great benefit, and serve to carry the practitioner sequentially towards Self-Realization, step-by-step paths such as these can be arduous, daunting, and frustratingly slow.

In Akram Vignan, a direct path to Self-Realization, one need only be fortunate enough to meet a Gnani Purush, or embodiment of Self-knowledge, to achieve Atma Yoga, or union with the Self. Through Gnan Vidhi, a ceremony of Self-Realization, the highest goal of all meditation and yoga practices is given to the seeker in only 48 minutes, and entirely free of cost.

After attaining Atma Yoga through Gnan Vidhi, many seekers continue to practice meditation and yoga for their many benefits, but now from the foundation of having already attained their ultimate fruit!

“Ultimate meditation… is when awareness of all the characteristics of the Self is simultaneously present at one time. For this, no doership is required or involved.” – Gnani Purush Dadashri

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