Self Realization Temple

Within historical time-cycles, there are periods in which a living Gnani Purush, or embodiment of Self-knowledge, is present. It is specifically during such times that the “Religion of the Self” flourishes for seekers of Self-Realization.

In contrast, during time-cycles when a Gnani Purush is absent, differences arise between people and religions divide into a variety of sects, classes, and communities. Without the presence of a Gnani Purush in such times, access to the Self becomes increasingly restricted, and these divisions make Self-Realization even more inaccessible to seekers.

Gnani Purush Dadashri offered access to the “Religion of the Self”, or Self-Realization, while simultaneously striving to heal the “yours and mine” differences within religion and society. Towards this aim, Dadashri established a Tri-Mandir, or Three-in-One-Temple, in which the three largest religions of India are honored with equal reverence, side-by-side.  Equal reverence is possible when one realizes through true (Real) vision that there is no difference in the elemental nature of the true, eternal Self among all Gods and living beings.  One attains and experiences this Real vision with Self realization.

Pujya Niruma and Pujyashri Deepakbhai have carried on Dadashri’s mission by establishing more Tri-Mandirs, with the intent to dissolve differences between religions and cultivate unity through “Religion of the Self”. Atma Gnani Pujyashri Deepakbhai continues to offer Self realization to all seekers in Gnan Vidhi, a ceremony of Self realization.

To attain Self Realization through Gnan Vidhi (for free) from Pujya Deepakbhai Send an Email to : [email protected]