self realization

Once you have acquired the knowledge of the Real 'I' from master of Self Realization, everything has been achieved.

You can attain permanent happiness, by finding the eternal through Self Realization

The Enlighten One who is free from anger, false pride, greed, attachment and abhorrence, is capable of bestowing their stage of Self-knowledge to others.

This is "Akram Vignan____a direct scientific path of Self Realization.

One can achieve Self-Realization in just 2 hours One can achieve Self-Realization in 2 hours through on-going programs worldwide.

Ultimate Self Realization liberates one from the cycle of birth and death.

'Real' religion accepts all viewpoints and one begins 'Real' religion after Self Realization of one's true, Real Self.

Only when one attains Self Realization, from a living master of Self Realization, is when one able to do ultimate meditation.

The goal of the Self Realization foundation is to help all seekers on the path of liberation attain Self Realization from the current master of Self Realization.

The Tri-mandir is a Self Realization Temple which brings the three major religions on a single platform by recognizing the oneness among all Gods by their elemental form as a Pure Soul.

To realize true eternal self take a simple opportunity of Gnanvidhi(Scientific process of Self Realization)

Simple yet profound spiritual articles which expose the easy applicable keys to a smoother and peaceful daily living.

Details of worldwide centers for self-realization.

Read written experiences or Watch video testimonials of those who have attained Self Realization through Gnan vidhi.

One can get the detailed information of spiritual discourse.

Watch short video clips of people asking questions to the current master of Self Realization

Satsang program schedule which is continuously broadcasted on Television stations.

Treasure of Spiritual Science

To attain Self Realization through Gnan Vidhi (free) from PujyaShri Deepakbhai
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