self realization

There are two types of knowledge: worldly (relative) knowledge and Real knowledge.

Worldly knowledge is knowledge about materialistic things, things you can see with the five senses and comprehend with the intellect. Everything in this world is an external science.

The science of Self-Realization is the inner science of the true Self and it is permanent.

Real science is beyond the intellect and it does not exist in any scriptures. It exists in only the heart of a Gnani, master of Self-Realization.Scientific separation of ‘I’ and ‘my’ “Bhed Gnan is the Science of separation.Bhed Gnan means ‘I’ am totally separate from everything that is ‘mine’. In ‘William’, there is both ‘I’ and ‘my’. They are like the two railway lines of ‘I’ and ‘my’; they always run together yet they are always separate. Despite this you believe them to be one. This is due to the ignorance of your true identity.

The Self and the non-self can be separated according to their inherent properties. The Gnani Purush has the precise knowledge of what comes under ‘I’ and what comes under ‘my’ and he can impart Self-Realization through the scientific experiment of Gnan vidhi. This will give one clear demarcation between the properties and characteristics of the Real versus the relative.

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